For any law or order to effectively take root and be felt when applied, the public must be made aware of its existence and it has to be made public with appropriate public communication. Traffic Police are applying new law which they are yet or have not brought into public lime-light which requires that all private vehicles with doors opening on the left hand side must change and have their doors or be penalized SSP 10,000 on the spot or when found. These happens to affect mostly the vehicles that are five and above seats. This law or order has caught members of the public who own such vehicles by surprise and unaware since it is true that the order was given, some are still ignorant of the whole matter. A law and order enacted by the state must remain respected and the public expected to obey the same. It is for respect and dignity to continue being given the highest standing ovation when time comes. Such laws are meant to protect the interests of the consumers who are the majority and who are sometime not aware of what is required of them. The most important matter is that the public must be made to understand the nature and effects of these laws and orders. It is not just a matter of grouping together and come up with something detrimental to the well-being of the people and call it the law which has been legalized and being applied. Sometimes it is only mooted for the looting of unsuspecting victims’ pockets. This kind of kangaroo court behaviours must stop. If a public order of national interest is issued to be applied, let the public be aware and know what would be their fate if they fail to obey. Not to impose penalties or fines at some individuals desecrations.

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