Are they pastors or businessmen?

You know my fellow citizens; our Churches are no longer teaching and training people for evangelism and hospital or prisons visitations. When they visit the prisons, our pastors requested inmates to contribute some money so that God will release them. My dear readers, up to date the number of inmates are still increasing in prisons across the country.

Our pastors no longer visit prisoners out of a genuine passion and a desire to get them saved. So in effect, they use these poor souls to expand their personality and sense of self-worth when in actual fact we are expecting our pastors to use our lives to bring them to Christ where they are considered Kings and servants of God. (Revelations 1:6) They are no longer win souls for Christ. Is this what Christ came to die for? Are these the reasons for which the glorious son of God was humiliated, stripped naked, tortured and beaten forty stripes less one?
When I read about the works of the Apostles of old and the founding fathers of Christianity and put next to them against that of our 21st Century Pastors, I get embarrassed;
When I read about John and Charles Wesley, Charles Finning, John Knox and the kind of sacrifices they offered with their lives just to bring Christianity to where it is today; I feel unworthy to call myself a Christian.

When I read the Bible in Acts 28:30-31 about the Apostle Paul who used his own rented accommodation as a church for two years and I weigh it against 21st century preachers who refuse to carry the gospel to some places because there are no decent hotels there, I conclude that the modern day church is in a mess. I am not saying that I am holier than you. The situation is that bad and Christians must wake up from our inactivity and effect a change.

I am not saying there are no good pastors or churches in this country. There are very godly and selfless pastors in this young nation. I know of Pastors in our country who have preached all over the world for over many years and yet, they don’t even have a house of their own. They have channelled all their financial resources to building orphanages and schools for the deprived. (That is not to say it is wrong for a pastor to build a house of his/her own.) I know of those who are going to the remote villages to preach the pure gospel of Jesus to the unsaved. I know of Pastors with exemplary marriages. There are also those with great burden for the poor and less privileged and are doing whatever they can to better the lots of people. Unfortunately, the good works of these Servants of God have been hidden by the immoral and wicked deeds of countless so called Pastors who are using the innocent poor citizen to satisfy their greedy appetite and desire for sex, fame and riches.

These pastors are leading more people to hell than they are to heaven because most of their followers have been deceived into seeing them as Holy men who cannot be touched.

Some of these followers believe that they would die or be cursed if they complain or challenge these pastors and so they are living in bondage in the house of God where there is supposed to be liberty. I pray for a sense of godliness and stability in the church and may there be deliverance for all those under the bondage of these Men of God so that they can also taste of the joy that exists in Christ. If you are a true believer reading this piece, I throw a challenge to you; to lift up your Bible and lift up your voice in prayer and cry unto God to save this South Sudan – for the days are evil. As for all those people parading themselves as pastors and deceiving God’s children – bear in mind that God always gives a long rope but when you get to the edge there would be no more room for mercy. Thank you for taking your time to read this article. God Bless South Sudan!!

By Riak Maker Mading

The writer is a youth activist and can be reached via: riakmading@gmail.com or call +211927020700

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