The National Council of Higher Education is telling the country that apart from the recognized public universities, other four private are registered with the council. Prof. Bol Deng Chol, the Secretary General of the council warned media houses to stop advertising others which are not registered by the Government. The warning is also for those hungry to pursue learning in higher institutions. This warning comes at the right time for the would be victims of unregistered high learning institutions. Going by media recent reports and advertisements, there have been a number of claimed higher learning institutions operating in and outside the country offering uncounted number of causes leading to degrees in different field and profession. This includes even doctorates. The mushrooming of these institutions is a danger to the public who are already facing economic hardship but still long to take or sponsor the kith and kin for further education for the better future for themselves and the country. The learned Professor mentioned South Sudan Catholic University College, Starford International University College, St Mary College and Star International University College as the only private registered institutions in the country. What about the others which are operating openly. Hopefully, the Council and the top organ at the Ministry of High Education will take immediate action to save the would be culprits from being conned out of their hard earned savings. There are some private universities who have been operating alongside the listed for some time now, may be told that all this time the council was not in operation or they turned blind eyes to their existence. Let it be that this is not witch hunting mission but genuine clampdown on unregistered private universities. The council should equally address the case of hundreds of courses offered by these institutions and their syllabuses to find out if they met this country education requirement.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


My mind was wondering in the wilderness yesterday afternoon when my boss sent emissary that she wanted to see me. All afternoons are considered my busy hours and by calling me there must have been something very important or really pressing. I obeyed and went to her office. On the way l was thinking a lot so many things ran into my mind. In normal circumstance and knowing my afternoon schedule, she could herself walk to my desk and tell me what it was and it was vice versa. We had developed this kind of workmanship for effective cooperation and productivity. After all we had along meeting earlier which was “seems” to have been boycotted by our common friend SaPT who the whole day did not call anyone in the office. Reaching her office there were two gentlemen sitting and she immediately introduced me to them as representatives of the striking judges. The gentlemen took no time to explain that they would be resuming their duties this coming Monday after a successful meeting with His Excellency President Salva Kiir and top Government officials.  They had considered the plight facing suspects and inmates with pending cases and the situation facing prisons in the country. This is their statement:-

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