One minute the traffic police announced the hefty fine on motorists who are violating the laid down rules required of them, the next moment the overall boss, Inspector General of Police (IGP) quashes the order by his junior.  It is on how the order was given but this kind of action indicates a lack of coordination and or operating within the required rule of consultation. It is unfortunate that the man in charge of the white clothes men and women had to eat his own “humble pie”. In all situation, there is what is known as collective responsibilities and at all time the police being officers of the law must work or be seen to work within the required order of law which they are entrusted to implement on daily basis. The intended fine would have created some orderly space for road particularly rogue motorists who have been terrorizing others. He questions now is why it was quashed. It seems like it did not go down well by some key players who had to prevail upon the IGP to call it off. Truth is that it would have brought about some semblance of traffic rules considering what is going on now as opposed to what is required of traffic rules. The IGP is right if he was not consulted over the matter which may not be possible for his junior to make such a national blander in the force’s calendar. Whatever might have happened, there is still a need to impose strict rules and laws for traffic offenders who have turned out to be maniacs to road users and the general public. Let this not be an indication that the traffic department is being placed in an awkward position in discharging their duties although there are elements who use such orders to fill their pockets and enrich themselves at the expense of service delivery to the public.

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