Editorial 16th July 2018

These embargoes, travel advisory and sanctions needs to be looked at critically. They have been spreading like it is their harvesting season or bushfire at a time when the country’s leadership is working round the clock to ensure the restoration of peace. It is like someone or some people do not want to appreciate efforts being put in by the leadership and key players. Right now discussions to find a lasting peace is still going on in Khartoum before being taken to Nairobi then eventually to Addis Ababa once more for possible conclusion. The other day in a different forum we had reports coming from UN command in New York against this country were real, fabricated or recycled. One would take the last two because most of the reports are not real. They are fabricated and recycled from the time the country fell into this crisis which has been described as senseless war by the general population who are mostly affected and key players who are friends and trying to help in the peace process. It is like someone is trying too hard to divert attention from the almost successful peace process aimed at bringing the country back to its feet. The detractors must be told to hold their horses because what is at stake right now is the well-being of the larger population. Scrambling for position should be treated like the last item in the agenda after all and inclusive have restored peace in the country. It is the hope of the majority that this will come sooner than later. What UN and other honest institutions with honest feelings and hearts should do is to support the leadership in bringing this valuable item called peace but which has become so elusive from in and outside interests. There must be a beginning and an end to every situation. This is the road all should follow

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