Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo.

My sixth sense tells me to leak some information to the authority charged with the management of our youth’s education both internal and external. The tip is some institutions advertising their education products for consumption by the youth are taking advantage of the ignorance amongst the general public. Sometime back such things mushroomed in a neighbouring country where questionable institutions duped the would be students with glittering offers of full scholarships for this and that category. The truth and the catch here is the registration or application form fees. Some people behind these so called extra institutions of higher learning are themselves needs a lot of counseling and exposures to the education they are brokering. These fees are always non-refundable, but the truth is there are few if any students who have succeeded getting these even after paying huge amount of money which ends up in some individuals pockets. Those in charge of education institutions should stand up and start critically looking into the matter with an aim of stopping these crooks from exploiting the situation from the youth who want education at all costs. There should be away of investigating them and only those found to be meeting the threshold required should be allowed to operate. The exercise should not spare those who are promising the youth the impossible and instead stealing from the innocent youth and parents. True there is need to have effective manpower based on proper training and qualification but the hunger for education should not be used to cheat and steal.  These colleges which are self-regulated and which are mushrooming under the watch of education authorities. I am disturbed because apart from conning the youth, these institutions are mostly non-existence if they are they are based on questionable background. Like some could be operating on a third floor while downstairs is operated as a bar. There should always be moral value implanted in or on our youth instead of exposing them to the cruel world. Still instead of charging exorbitant or high fees, if true to their callings, these men behind these colleges should not charge application fees under the guise or pretext of “free scholarship”. Free scholarships are always channeled through the government institutions to benefit a number of needy students or youth. This should be a warning shot to those behind these questionable dens they call institutions that time will soon catch up with them and they will be asked to account for their wrong doing. Preparing the youth to be responsible citizens is the prerogative of all adults which should include proper and well managed education system. This is why the authorities must move first and put a stop to the so many created activities by some people in the name of education through bogus or questionable institutions. There must be and should always remain to be that anything to do with the youth should be done with care and honesty.


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