The aviation industry has been rocked by multiple air disasters since 2011 leading to a catastrophic human cost of many other plane crashes. Plane crashes in the country have become so rampant that it is confusing the public what exactly is causing the rampant crashes and what is being done to mitigate such occurrences. Yesterday noon, a military helicopter Mi-17, carrying a body of late Gabriel Matur Malek crash-landed in Cueibet town of Lakes State injuring 11 people. These flying coffins should be critically checked prior to flying people and cargo otherwise these crash-landings and other terrible accidents may not be avoided even with the best pilots and bigger landing fields. The Government had ealier cited bad weather conditions like thick fog and poor visibility as a cause for the previous plane crashes and for the one that happened yesterday, the report was, “it is one of the blades or rotors of the helicopter that got burned.” This was the cause of the accident just the same that could have caused other past crashes too because the mechanical condition of the craft was in bad shape.

The President in 2018 banned aircrafts that are more than 20 years of age from operating passenger flights after a fatal crash of the L-410 Turbolet in Juba that year that killed 20 people onboard. Like the cat carefully cleans its fur and paws, let the pilots be cautious of their big toys.

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