Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Sometimes l wonder loudly as to what and why some Western countries are up to. Recently reports from the United Nations (UN) accused three sister countries, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia of being the stumbling block in the peace process in the country and put point blank that the stalemate was as a result of these countries’ interference. These could have been true or not true up to a certain point in time. But before the dust settled down, the USA government through their embassy in Juba asserted that President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar were to blame for delaying the peace process. This cannot be true because anyone living and following the peace process understands the bottle-necks and hurdles facing the peace implementation. I do not want to argue because these two giants have the capacity and ability to carry-out their own researches which always favour their cause. My humble questions are, what motivated the UN to appoint or engage private experts to research on the three neighbouring countries and what criteria did they use to reach their findings. It is a common knowledge that most of the researches done through the so called experts do not meet the threshold they deserve. It is in history that most of these so called experts end up in big hotels with ready cash to buy information even if it is from unreliable source(s). This is not my line of argument, what baffles me is the way and time it was conducted and when released for public consumption. It is an open fact that when good things are coming there are those who fear the unknown. They fear that their pockets will dry-up not to see the light of the green buck again. Could this be one of the reasons why they must create at all cost situation to prolong the suffering of the larger population. True the mentioned countries and those leaders being blamed have their good side which has brought reasoning capacity around the table for eventual success of the peace process. Although these countries have their shortfalls, they have been instrumental in the peace implementation process and they deserve some element of recognitions. Blanket accusation by an international body of UN’s caliber cannot be tolerated and meant to mislead and cause a wage between the people of this country and their brothers and sisters in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. President Kiir has done a lot in ensuring peace is restored. He is still doing more just as his team and that of Dr. Machar are working modalities during this extended period to come up with a lasting solution to the contentious issues in the agreement for the benefit of the people of this country. Those who are bent against this process seem not to be sleeping nut creating all creation to divert and derail the attentions. They should know and understand that the leadership of this country knows and understand who their true friends are. It is pointless to wage un-relented campaign to look good while your true calour is the opposite. Most of these international organs should give this country a break because it is moving forward to achieving peace which is seriously needed by all. Not more propaganda and un-authenticated research reports.      

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