Jame David Kolok could be telling the country and the world a million points. That the current lockdown due to coronavirus is politically motivated can only be explained by him. Kolok is one of the leaders in the leading civil society and what he talks and say must be of substance with well-versed records of information. Since the docket he is serving is pegged on the voice of the voiceless, the civil society leader could be having some information that the public would want to know because the lockdown is hitting the economy hard than expected. The coronavirus pandemic is real and killing people all over the world. It cannot be a matter of conveniences to few individuals. It has caused mayhem globally since it came into being from whatever source(s). This is why anyone with any information that could help in containing the spread should be able to provide it to the right authorities in the interests of the general public. If there is any reason(s) to believe that there was a game being played, then the right message should be sent out so that someone doing this could be held accountable as it is a very grave matter to play with. Should the general public find out that someone had a mischievous intention and created un-necessary lockdown that person should face the wrath of the law of the land. So many people have died as a result of Covid-19 infections; others are nursing themselves in isolation spreading the virus to their close associates. It cannot therefore, be taken for granted information and messages like the one Kolok sent out. Truth should come out from those charged with the management of the coronavirus in the country to assure the public that there was no political game being played.

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