A foot for thought

Are our cultures good or bad?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question can be answered by so many people who know the advantages and disadvantages of our cultures. In South Sudan, there are 64 tribes and those tribes have their own cultures, that is to say, the way they behave, live, types of food they eat, dance and so many to be mentioned in the communities. Among those cultures, there are those that hinder the development of women and promote men.

Other cultures are not allowing women to participate in decision-making. Several of them do not allow women to eat some types of food, it is preserved for men. Like additional types of food could be eaten by men only.  Others do not allow women to talk about their rights or the rights of their daughters. They cannot participate in marriage conversations like making decisions on their daughters’ marriages.

Most of the marriage arrangements are done by men, those women who have positions in government, still have no full rights to take decisions because their bosses are men. There are cultures that allow girls to get married at an early age or forced marriage. According to the above-mentioned cultures, women become victims in everything.

The educated women, of them, tried their best to change bad elements in the cultures that bury development, but still, they were getting challenges.

 It was discovered that women in rural areas have no options to say no in case of forced marriage. It was due to ignorance caused by a lack of education. How can women move out from such cultures is to get a solution for it? Many men are not supporting women who are working class. They want them to look after children in the families and do services to the family members. They consider women who are married in the house to render services to the family members without complaint.

The reasons are that women are servants in the families; it is few men who have understood the roles of women in societies and the country at large.

Thus, men are to encourage women in the families and promote girls education in all the states. Women should fight for their rights and enlighten others to do the same in their various communities. They should fight against forced marriage and eliminate early marriage to girls under 18 years. 

May God bless us all.

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