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Archbishop Yugusuk dedicates youth office

By Mamer Abraham

The ECSS Archbishop of Central Equatoria Internal Province, His Grace, Dr. Paul Benjamin Yugusuk also the Bishop of the ECSS Diocese of Lainyadedicated youth, Jol-wo-Lieech, office on Saturday.

The Archbishop was accompanied by Rt. Rev. Edward Tombe, the Bishop of ECSS Diocese of Rejaf, Rt. Rev. Zechariah ManyokBiar, the Bishop of ECSS Diocese of Wanglei and Rt. Rev. Gabriel ThuchAgoth, Bishop of the ECSS Diocese of Kongor.

The Archbishop appreciated the youths for good work done in constructing their office. He stressed that theyshould be trained so as to carryout Evangelism well. He prayed for the unity of the Church.

“As a Church we are going to stand together. Train the people. who go out for evangelism. You need to be organized,” he said.

In his speech, the host Bishop Rt. Rev. Edward Tombe said that time management should be improved. He commented about the importance of having Archbishops in ceremonies but they should not be delayed so much to cancel their programs.

The Jol-wo-Lieech youth promised to create employment by buying a car, a landto build a clinic and a schoolto educate children whichthey would sponsor.

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