Archbishop Stephen urges soldiers to protect citizens

By: James Kabaka

The Archbishop-elect Dr. Stephen Ameyu Martin of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Juba has called on the organized forces to put citizens first in their line of duty.

He made the statement during the launch of the transportation of forces of SPLA-IO and SSOA to Owinykibul for training.

Archbishop Ameyu said it was the primary responsibility of all forces to protect and defend the citizens in the country.

Ameyu who is till now the Bishop of Torit Diocese called on the parties to the peace agreement to forget their differences and open a new chapter of peace and reconciliation

“All of you are our soldiers; we need you to stand in front of us as people who defend the country first. If you put this poor person first even God will be happy with you,” he said.

“You should forget the past and let’s go in for reconciliation. What separates us is that everyone wants to eat alone but from today we need to know that this country belongs to all of us,” Archbishop-elect Ameyu said.

The Metropolitan archbishop called on South Sudanese to unite and work for peace and development in the Country.

“We need to unite together as we go for a new chapter in our country not the country of chaos and I wish you all the best as you travel for your training,” he said while blessing forces going to Owinykibul for training.

Tobiol Alberio Oromo, Governor of Torit state in his remarks during the occasion urged the forces to stay away from politics and focus on their duties of protecting lives and properties of the citizens.

 “There is no politics in the military, politicians who want to join will come to us but soldiers are defenders of the country and this is your role,” he said.

“We need your services, if you have accepted to be a soldier we need you to defend us,” Governor Oromo Tobiol said.

According to Area Joint Military Ceasefire Committee, the 8,786 of the SPLA-IO and SSOA were drawn from Lowareng, Loyoro, Irube, Nyara, Achwa cantonments in Eastern Equatoria

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