Archbishop Lukudu urges security organs to respect citizens


Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro shakes hands with the Vice Presidents yesterday (photo by Morris Dogga):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The security forces in the country have been urged to respect and understand the words of God since near to the creator was near his people.

Speaking to a large crowd during the prayers for the body of Late James Ajongo Mawut yesterday at St. Teresa Cathedral Church, the Catholic Archbishop, His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro said the security forces should know God and stop harassing people.

“Our people of security, God is near to you because the person who is dead was a soldier and he was a good Christian. God is near you and He is also close with the people,” Lukudu stated.

The Bishop said that soldiers should not live like there is no God.

“Our life is a responsibility of someone. God gave it and told people to live with his words. We have the responsibility to hold to God now, respect and live as human beings because no one can control us apart from God,” the Archbishop stated.

Lukudu said soldiers should begin to abide by God’s words. “If soldiers are practicing to become professional soldiers then they are always engaging themselves in practice. It is not easy to be trained and become soldiers. So let us be strong and understand it.”

He asked the soldiers and army to respect the citizens, saying there is no army without citizens.

“So army is supposed to respect the citizens. If soldiers are coming to the church let them know that they are Christians but not army. They should stop harassing people of God. Let them respect God,” the bishop added.

Archbishop Lukudu urged the citizens not to fear the army because the army is supposed to protect the citizens.

He described the late Ajongo as a “good Christian and lord fearing”, saying that was why many people turned up for his requiem mass.

“He was a good Christian, good soldier and good general because this was a man who has God in him,” he said.

The First Vice President Gen. Taban Deng Gai promised the Church and the people that they shall move together as one.

“In every nation there are ups and downs. God did not give us one roadmap. Our strength is always learning through mistakes. I promise you that very soon there would be changes where necessary,” he said.


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