Archbishop Lukudu calls for calm in Church

By Opio Jackson

Archbishop emeritus Paulino Lukudu Loro has called for calm and restraint from violence and hostility in the Church.

This comes after the violence that took place on Sunday at Saint Theresa’s Cathedral Kotor after the announcement for the installation of Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla as new Archbishop of Juba Archdiocese.

Addressing the press at his residence in Juba yesterday, Lukudu who doubled as the Apostolic Administrator said he was saddened by the news of the incident that happened on Sunday at St Theresa’s Parish Kator.

“I urge all the diocesan priests, religious and faithful of the Catholic archdiocese of Juba to refrain from violent activities and detest from violent threats,” he said.

“We should all work together toward unifying our faithful and we must avoid divisive politics and reckless utterance which lead to animosity and violence,” Lukudu stressed.

On Sunda,y security forces intervened in Kator Church after a violence broke out over the disagreement on the installation of Stephen Ameyu. The churchgoers who divided themselves into groups threw stones at each other, an act which left one priest injured.  

However, they were met with police and soldiers deployed to stop them. The armed security forces surrounded Saint Therese’s Parish and quelled down the violence.

There has been persistent resistance by some indigenous people of the Archdiocese of Juba to the appointment of Stephen Ameyu by Pope Francis. Last year after a group of three priests and five laymen wrote to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples protesting the appointment of Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla as Archbishop. The group said they were indigenous and represent “the majority of concerned people of the Archdiocese.”

When asked to confirm whether true or not, the allegations levied against Stephen by some priests and laity, Archbishop Lukudu said he has no knowledge about the moral life of Stephen Ameyu and has nothing to say about the allegations.

However, Lukudu said based on his faith and obedience to the Holy See, he has no objection to the appointment of Stephen Ameyu by Pope Francis. 

The Holy See has fixed March 22, 2020 as the date for installing Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla as the Archbishop of Juba.

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