Archbishop Kuctiel tells pastors to stop insulting leaders

Archbishop Alapayo Manyang Kuctiel preaching to the faithful during a Sunday service in Kampala (Photo Martin Manyiel Wugol):

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The Archbishop of Eastern Bahr-el-Ghazal of the Anglican Church, Alapayo Manynag Kuctiel has urged pastors to stop insulting political leaders when they are preaching.

Bishop Kuctiel made the remarks during a Sunday homily at Omega Healing center in Kampala, Uganda where over five hundred faithful attended the Holy Mass including the Human Rights Commissioner, Beny Gideon Mabor.

Since the conflict broke out in South Sudan five years ago, most religious people across the country have become critics of the government with others directly attacking the personalities of those in leadership.

However, Bishop Kuctiel has called on his pastors to adhere to the principles of the Church and stop insulting political leaders when they are preaching words of God to the faithful.

He was in Kampala on special visit to strengthen the relationship between South Sudan and Uganda Churches as the Anglican Church of South Sudan shared a lot with Church of Uganda.

Archbishop Kuctiel had also advised Christians to be hopeful saying peace always take some time to be achieved. “What is now needed is prayers and hopes to make sure this year 2018 is the year of peace and happiness for the people of South Sudan,” he said.

The archbishop said the citizens should not give up in search for peace narrating the story of Monica who he said was the one who inspired the first archbishop of Canterbury Augustino.

He said Archbishop Augustino was a ‘spoiled child’ but her mother Monica had to pray very hard to reform her son. “It was through prayers that her child was able to become the first archbishop of Canterbury,” Bishop Kuctiel said.

“As Christians it is our task to make peace successful like what Monica did to her child, as people of God let us keep preaching peace and avoid insulting Christians or political leaders in the Church,” he added.

Mr. Beny Gideon Mabor has hailed South Sudan Church leaders for their tireless effort to ensure that peace is realized in the country.

He said Church leaders were strong partners and the church was well trusted institution capable to bring South Sudanese and the government together.


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