Archbishop called on gov’t to stop inter-communal violence

By Elia Joseph Loful

The Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) is calling on the Revitalized Government to respond to the increased violence and COVID-19 cases by forming the state government urgently.

Rev. Bishop Justin Badi Aroma said the church was deeply concerned about the rate of violence as well as increased number of coronavirus cases in the country due to lack of state government to enforce the law and order.

“The Episcopal Church of South Sudan is deeply concerned about cases of communal violence, cattle raiding killing of innocent people, displacement of civilian and destruction of properties in most parts of the country,” said Badi.

“The church has also noted with concern, the alarming increase of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections amongst the population.”

“In the light of these prevailing situations, we appeal to the Revitalized Government of National Unity for immediate government intervention to restore law and order to prevent further intercommunion violence in the government,” the Bishop.

He was speaking to journalists during a press conference yesterday.

The Bishop attributed the prevailing situation in the country to lack of state government saying failure to establish the local government was making the situation more worse than it was supposed to be.

“We also appeal to the government to urgently finalize the formation of the State governments in order to handle the emerging violent situations at the grassroots level.

The Archbishop warned that failure to address the current situation would impede further suffering of civilians adding poverty and hungry would take over many lives than war.

“The delay in the formation of States governments will actually open wounds for conflicts to again increase in the country because at the grassroots level where there is no legal government to enforce law and order then there will be lopehole where people will try to take law into their own hands,”the Bishop added.

The archbishop also called on National Salvation Front (NASS) fighters, South Sudan Defense Forces and the IO soldiers to halt self-confrontations.

“I am addressing the NAS and the SSPDF that please, in the name of Jesus, we urge you to avoid violent confrontations to minimize the continued suffering of your people. Maintain the Rome declaration and stick to peaceful resolutions to the conflict,” Archbishop appealed.

He said that the present of covid-19 made everything difficult especially the implementation of peace agreement in the country and called on citizens to strictly adhere to preventives measures set by health authorities so as to stop the spread of the virus.

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