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ARC launches Wau, Warrap roads network construction in Lakes

By Mabor Riak Magok

Africa Resource Corporation (ARC) has launched construction of the road linking Western Bhar el Ghazal Warrap and Lakes State.

Speaking to the media, the Project Manager for Bhar el Ghazal road network in ARC, Garang Yel Chan said that M1 high way from Rumbek,Tonj, Kuajok, Gogrial and many others to roads.

“Basically, we came today to meet with the State Minister and Commissioner of the area and meet with chiefs to aware them as a community that we have started the work. We have done and completed the mobilization and we deployed all our technical teams of experts on the ground and the work is about to kick off,”  he said.

He added that they are aware on local materials for construction such as soft materials and all the soft materials that are needed on the road so that the process of construction can begin.ARC management is working hard to make sure this roads network is possible and we have brought in a team to maintain the roads.

“We urge local communities to be peaceful and the properties which fallen in the roads will be registered and compensated,”

At the same time, the Minister of Roads and Bridges in Lakes, Benjamin AwuolMalual said ARC has come in to do construction of the roads and this is what they need as a community the construction of roads will kick off from Rumbek roundabout up to Wau and the work is starting tomorrow.

“The only thing we can do as a State government is supervision because we don’t have anything. We only want to talk with the community about the work that is going on. We also need to urge the community about the random movements on the road,”

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