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ARC CompanystartsYei-Kaya road construction

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Africa Resource Corporation (ARC) Coordinator confirmed that they are launching construction of Yei- Kaya road.

Juma David Augustine, ARC Coordinator describes the bush clearance and construction of the Juba-Yei-Kaya highway as progressive.The road construction project is starting with the bush clearance with a limited number of employees on specialized tasks.

David encourages the youths to be patient on employment opportunities until the project comes to its second phase.

“This road construction project is very progressive. It begins in a very smaller way then opens over time. Therefore, the information I want to give to the people in regards to employment opportunities to the young people is that, we have not yet declared recruitments because the space we are operating in is very limited and the machines are only doing bush clearance. We are going to invite people to get employed very soon,”Juma reveals.

He added that he asks young people in Yei to continue monitoring the progress and apply when the time comes and compete in the job market.

“The young people outside, I still want to encourage you, let us be patient and I know as the English people say opportunities are limited even when we shall begin to recruit people, we may not take everybody but those who will have the opportunity to get the job, definitely we will cooperate with you to our program. I believe that in the nearest future, we shall immediately communicate for all of you to know that time has come for you to apply or present yourself for job,” He advises.

ARC is a national company rehabilitating Bor-Juba road, Torit- Kapoeta, and the Juba-Yei-Kaya road respectively.

The Juba-Yei-Kaya road construction is a national government initiative to enable the movement of goods and services as well as to put infrastructure in place and to improve the standard of living of the citizens.

The sixty meter radius road is 218 kilometers under ARC project with nine other national subcontractors.

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