Arab League Countries to invest in the country

By Kidega Livingstone

Representatives of the League of Arab States’ countries have said they were ready to invest in the agricultural sector in the country following the commitment and interest shown by the government of South Sudan.

They said their interest was enhanced by the collaboration shown to the heads of Missions of Arab countries in the country.

Speaking to Journalists after a closed door meeting with the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Head of the League of Arabs States to South Sudan, Khaled Abdel Rahim said that he was ready to persuade investors from the Arabs League states to come and invest in agriculture and animals production in order for South Sudan to start exporting their products to other countries.

“I will start visiting all the Arab League Countries, starting with; Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to convince investors to come and invest in this country, especially in agricultural sector because South Sudan as a nation is rich in resources,” Mr. Rahim said.

He said investment in the country would promote technology in a sense that South Sudan would be able to import goods and in return export goods.

South Sudan’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Moses Hassan Thiel, welcomed the initiative adding that the decision came following cordial relations between South Sudan and the Arab League Countries.

He emphasized that the Arab investors were willing and some of them had already reached an agreement with the government to begin investing in Gok State, especially in agriculture.

“We have a list of companies, which are willing to invest here because plans have been put in place and we thought that if we bring industries to the country, we will be in a position to employ many people, especially in the agricultural sector as compared to other sectors,” the minister said.

He further stated that South Sudan through its leadership will continue to cooperate with other countries in order to strengthen trade for the development of the country.

Last week it was reported that South Sudan and Sudan had agreed to open the waterway in order to import more food items and other goods to fill the markets in Juba and other states in the country. It was however, not clear when the goods will start arriving in the national capital, Juba where the main port is located.


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