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Mayor warns damping garbage on streets

Stephen Wani Michael, Mayor Juba city council

By Nema Kabowo Juma

Juba City Council launched a general cleaning campaign to avoid spread of cholera in the city.

Juba city Mayor, Stephen Wani Michael warns locals that damping garbage on the streets would increase the spread of cholera.

Speaking during the launch, the Mayor of City Council has order the blocks and quarter councils to control the dumping of garbage in residential areas within Juba town.

“We are going to empower the local authority especially quarter council and then the block to make sure that garbage is put  in a place whether in residential areas   so that it can be collected in weekly basis,” Stephen Wani said.

“Clean Juba to overcome cholera outbreak in the capital; Juba is the capital city and it is supposed to be clean. Many diplomats and sometimes President is moving around; if he sees these rubbish scattered all over the streets it is not good and  shows   that people are not serious about the environment,” the Mayor continued.

He stressed that rampant deposition of rubbish on the street is why there is outbreak of cholera. He said to avoid this people need to make sure that the issue of the environment is taken as a priority.

The Mayor further stated that there will be penalties for those who will be found throwing rubbish on the streets.

“There will be penalties for those found throwing garbage anywhere in the city; and areas which we shall find garbage must face the consequences,” he warned.

Mr. Wani urged business people around Lou clinic to evacuate to Gudele central market saying it was an area which fighting took place date 7th July. He added that even on the eve of 2013 incident, there were many people who perished in the same area.

At the lunched, mayor toured different places like Jebel Market, Gudele and around Juba university and called on all people in Juba city to keep the city clean.

He said the city council will continue with the campaign until the city is clean.


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