Appointment of new office bearers for unity government

By: Joseph Akim Gordon

Achieving peace in the country will attract development activities because whenever there is peace there must be development. This is also an opportunity to revive our economy which over the years has collapsed. We need therefore to open new chapter to combat corruption to become accountable in the uses of financial and other resources. Once we develop credible accountable systems and prove to the world that we are no longer corrupt, this should be proved by adopting financial measures that are credible, and transparent. In this way we can attract donors and financial institutions to invest in the country.

This will also require the country to have developed policies and regulations that will enable the investors to bring in their capital into the country once there are legislation and regulatory framework to deal with situation that might arise in business transaction. This will encourage and ensure that there are laws that will protect business interests in the country.

The formation of new Government is expected to take place on 22nd February 2020, already Job seekers are not sleeping. The president, first lady and members of the family are receiving uninvited guests to the house of the president to seek favors for appointment to ministerial and other senior positions in the Government but this time the president needs to appoint those who can render services to the country. The fear is that recycling the present ministers to different ministerial portfolio is not helpful, let us have fresh cadres who are competent, who can deliver, the criteria for selection should be based on merit and ability to render services to the country, this country is very diverse, it is essential that qualified persons from any ethnic group deserve the right to be appointed.

The new cabinet be in position to fight corruption rebuild institutions for efficient service delivery, work for unity of South Sudan, after many years of war there is need for the new unity Government to bring all on board and speed up the pace of development. The citizens are tired of this war, to attract the return of refugees and Internally Displaced People, many of the citizens that have taken refuge and IDPS will get convinced once the country is stable, those who have grabbed people’s land must leave and return to their ancestral land or find a new home for themselves once the refugees and IDPS got convinced of true peace and return to the country.

This time the President should make sure that the right persons be employed in the right place, the arrogance that in the past there was a say that it was time for us to eat, people are appointed to senior positions to serve the people of South Sudan not to serve individual interests. The appointment to a ministerial or constitutional post not to develop their stomach but to give best services to the citizens.

The people of South Sudan have suffered too much in this war, lives have been lost, properties looted or destroyed, social fabric of our lifestyle destroyed. It was easy to ignite war but finding solution is just as difficult. Through this war we have learned a good lesson that it is never good to start war because to end the war is too expensive and time consuming. Our political leaders who sparked the war should know that war is not a solution to problems affecting the country but negotiation is the best option. The leadership started the war but the casualty of the war is the ordinary citizens. The impact of the war has not affected the leadership and their families. The leadership has also learned a valuable lesson never to trigger another war again. Let God bless this country and its people never again to plunge this country to another war.

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