Appoint more women to compensate 35 percent – Activists

By Nema Juma

The civil society groups have appealed to both government and SPLM-IO to complete the 35% affirmative action.

According to them, the recent appointment of the executive have only confirmed the 22 percent out of the 35 percent.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Edmund Yakani Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progressive Organization said that the 13 percent remaining should be completed in the appointment of state governors and independent commissions.

“I am waging a campaign that this should be compensated in the appointment of the chairpersons to the independent commission because at least government and the SPLM-IO have to compensate in those appointment,” Edmund said.

He reiterated that both parties should compensate the 35% by appointing women because women have a seat in the commissions and there is need for them to go beyond 35 percent.

“My appeal is that 13% of missing women in the cabinet appointment should be rewarded during the appointment of women in the independent commissions, so we need to see the appointment of women in commissions,” he said.

Edmund said that the appointment that happened in the national government only constitutes 22% not 35 percent.

He added that the only party that was able to fulfill the 35% is South Sudan Opposition Alliance.  

Meanwhile the Executive Director of FODAC Jame David Kolok said that there are three articles in the peace agreement that safe guards the provision of the 35% for women that is article 1.4.4 which says how many women should each of this parties appoint.

He added that article 1. 12.2 clearly states that there must be minimum of 12 women ministers and then article 1.12.5 indicates that there must be minimum of three women deputy ministers,

“So what happen is that the parties only took advantage of article 1.4.4 to say that they have made the 35% that that article cannot be left in isolation with article 1.12.2 and article 1.12.5,” Kolok said.

He stated that in any case the women are supposed to have 15 ministers, 12 full ministers and 3 deputy ministers and at the moment this target has not been made therefore “we are saying that the parties did not respect the provision provided to safe guard the 35 percent.

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