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Anywaa King addressed Community in Juba

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

His Majesty King Akway Akway on Saturday 26th June, 2021 addressed Anywaa community at Hai Cinema. During the ceremony, Anywaa leaders welcomed him after having been away for a long time and not interacting with them in group gatherings. King Akway said, he was happy with South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC} and others for mediating conflict among Anywaa community of different areas. He advised Anywaa community to live in peace andunite among themselves. They shouldcontinue advocating for peace in their various areas.

He said Anywaa politicians in Juba should accommodate students who came from different countries to learn. He encouraged them to take education very serious among the community. Any community who took education as priority should remain strong. They wouldconsider education of both girls and boys in the County, Boma and Bayam. Education is the key for success to everybody. Parents were advised to encourage their children to study.  

He further said there would be Gurtong meeting which will take place in the near future. Anywaa community was expected to attend the meeting for it’s important.  The meeting is expected to unite Anywaa from various areas and bring peace among them and to resolve other challenges with the neighboring communities.

It was an opportunity for the King to be among his people in Juba before going to his area. Many people attended the gathering and interacted with him. Anywaa community welcomed King Akway under the Theme: “King address to Anywaa Nation”.Anywaa is a symbol of peace, truth and justice, these are the words used on that day for encouragement. King was welcomed with traditional dances as a sign of happiness. There was also King’s dance which was special for the King only.   Many people were happy with what had been said during the   ceremony. It reflected love to the King and unity ofAnywaa community in Juba.

 It was a ceremony of happiness to see King Akway addresshis peoplein Juba, with good example of a humble King who loves his people.  I hope other Kings should have the same spirit of uniting people in their communities and encouraging them to always remain positive regardless of hardship they were going through.

May God bless us all.

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