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Anywaa congregation welcomed Pastor Omot

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Anywaa congregation in Juba, South Sudan yesterday welcomed Pastor OmotAganya who came from America for a special visit. During the preaching Rev. Pastor Omot said it was the plan of God who made his visit successful, he did not know that he would come and meet Anywaa Congregation at Hai Cinema. It was an opportunity for him which always knock once, and if missed you would not get it again as it was the   plan God for a first chance

Furthermore, he said if you love God He will protect you from dangers, sometimes you will say that you are a Christians, but what you did or still doing was not reflecting Christianity in your life. Those who knows God cannot do bad things, they always reflect and live in God’s message. You can do anything as you like, but remember that God is watching you wherever you are.

There is time for everything on earth, there is limitation of doing things even if you are a leader, you have limited time for your leadership. If you put God a head of everything, God will give you.Every good thing came from God and it will be according to His desire.

Sometimes you will have a lot of problems, you may think there is no God, and He is watching what you are doing from your hearts.

When you read book of Genesis from page three, you will understand how sins occurred in the world and killing started during the time of Abel. Sometimes we may think sin and death started recently; the truth is that it had started during the time of Adam and Eve, when they disobeyed the rule of God.

Many prophets have written about what will happen when times come,of course it will happen because it was desired and planned by God.If you had good life on earth, youwill see good things in the future. It doesn’t mean that there are no challenges, how to overcome challenges is the most important in thing in a Christian’s life

For us to know God is to commit ourselves in what God want us to do.

We can learn all those things ifwe read old and New Testaments, it tells us life before Jesus Christ was born and how He change other things in the New Testament. Christians always take the right direction in their life. All bad things came from devil like what Satan said to Adam and Eveto eat the fruit that God told them not to eat.

  Many of us do not listen to the instructions given to us by our elders. Werealized bad things when problems occurred which mostly too late. It happened because Satan even has powers to destroyed weak people. For us to know more about God is to read bible and understand the minds of God. Pastor Omot was welcomed by Rev. Pastor PaskaAciya , Pastor in charge of Anywaa Congregation in Hai Cinema and so many people spoke encouraging words to strengthen faith of Anywaa community in Juba. 

May God bless us all.

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