Anyuak community submits border details to TBC

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Anyuak community said it submitted detailed documents last week about boundaries with its neighbors in Jonglei region and with neighboring Ethiopia to the Technical Boundary Committee (TBC).

Mr. John Opiew, chairperson for Anyuak of Akobo community in Juba told Juba Monitor yesterday that the submitted documents detailed its borders with their neighbors as per January 1956.

“We, the Anuak tribe from Akobo and Pochalla submitted the documents showing our borders with Ethiopia and the neighboring communities,” Opiew said.

He elaborated that his community was not in dispute with anyone but said some of their territories were occupied.

“We do not have problems with any community but only that our borders are not as they were drawn in 1956. Some people have encroached in to our borders,” Mr. Opiew revealed.

He added that his community believes in peaceful settlement of all border disputes.

“God willingly, through the National Dialogue and with the return of peace, we hope that all communities will have their problems solved,” he hoped.

Anyuak is a Luo speaking group of Eastern Nilotic, living in Akobo and Pochalla communities in the former Jonglei State, and Ethiopia’s Gambella region.

The constituted Technical Boundary Committee (TBC) according to the revitalized peace deal signed in September last year is a body charged with the responsibility of  defining and demarcating community borders and disputed areas in the country as it was in January 1st, 1956.

Upon completing its work, the committee is expected to present its report including dissenting views, if any, to the regional security and trade bloc -IGAD.


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