Anyone can make it in life

By: Ngor Khot Garang

We as human beings are unique creatures of God.  We have the ability to think and produce something out of our thoughts.

The mind itself is wealth and it is also one of the God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

When it is combined with hard work minus laziness and used well, it can not only make one successful, it can create something for the greater good of humanity.

We are all blessed with sound minds and what we create out of our minds can either build or break humanity.

One of the two must work but why should we think otherwise?

When we shift our attention to the animal kingdom or birds of the sky such as rats or eagles, we learn a lesson from them. They don’t have minds to think and they do not plan for tomorrow but they still manage to earn their living.

If these creatures can do it, why does it become hard for us the human beings with such a big brain to earn our living?

Isn’t making a living easy, is making it happen hard?

This question has for almost three years been wrestling with me  more especially when I reflect on the thoughts of men out there  who think life will never change for the better when it didn’t start well in the first place.

I don’t see any genuine reason why we should complain about how hard is life when we are well aware of the fact we were created to make and leave the world a more better place for others.

I believe we have not understood a simple truth about the life we are living and I will not hesitate to bring it to light that the reason why life is still hard is because we don’t believe that God created us for something bigger than our current situation and it also happens we don’t think outside the box.

It had never happened and no record had it that those whose thoughts were beyond themselves were arrested and sent to jail. No one will think of it either.

It has never once happened and it will never come true that if you plan ahead, people are going to stop or arrest you.

Even when you want to build heaven on earth, nobody will come forward to stop you.  You are in charge of your life and the change you constantly seek to see is within you.

We ought to have greater plans for the future and things that our hearts desires albeit they don’t happen at some point in life at least we will rejoice at the joy of having tried our level best.

But why shouldn’t they come to pass if our only preoccupation is to make it happen?

Don’t let your mind be flooded with negative thoughts that your situation will forever remain like that.  It is okay to worry or to feel defeated because it is human nature.

But mind you, you can do something with that life to the extent that you leave non-removal impacts on people’s lives.

The first step to doing this is accepting that you are God’s most valued product.

God will never create a half human being; you might have been told that you are ugly, unproductive or many things but you are great in the eyes of your creator.

He knows why you are here and you must be acquainted with the fact because if God didn’t love you he should have created someone else in lieu of you.

Don’t blame yourself for what you do not have.  You have the ability to turn things around and also the right and privilege to do so.

When we see the world around us; the wonderful cars, aeroplanes, computers, fridges and clothes. We wonder how they come to existence and the brains behind them.

These are the inventions of men and women who are just like us and even more amazingly people who were told by friends and relatives that they were nothing.

We have a much better world today because of these people who are no better than you.

These are the people who at certain points in life couldn’t believe in themselves but after sometimes managed to discover their true potentials to become who they are today.

It is no wonder. Many of them are no longer existing today but their inventions continues to touch lives.

The questions is, can’t you unleash the giant in you and join the men and women who have changed the world?

I know some difficulties may bring a lot of excuses to your lip but did you know that the same people who shaped history were in somewhat unfavorble situations where they were constantly abused and had to spend days without a meal just surviving on hope.

Just see what they have become and what they have left behind.

Don’t look at your current situation and put a full stop. You can change the destiny in spite of what you are going through or what you have been through.

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