The recent workshop between the Media personalities and the National Security personnel came to being by indicating that the two organs which have been perceived to be staunch enemies could come, sit together, reason and work together. This is how it should be in a civilized society because two wrongs do not make right. It is high time to ensure the above remains the yardstick that will guide the two organs to bring peace and understanding among them. There cannot be any failure or shortfall where reasoning takes the lead and make it possible for all to discuss issues around the table. Above all forgiveness must play a key role in daily management of the affairs not only of the two institutions but the entire country. This forgiveness should be real and meant to harmonize the wrongs that have been committed and which must be put into the past. This is why the country should not allow its image to be tarnished both nationally and internationally. Reports from Amnesty International and its like are giving a very negative picture of what is happening between journalists and security organs. Some of these are blown out of proportion to suit the purpose of these institutions whose bench-mark is to blow any trivial issue for their cause. Indeed there are some journalists who are languishing behind bars according to the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) list but not all of them have wronged the state or engaged in matters of national security to the country. Some have their individual disagreement on personal matters that are not related to their professional calling. But as all are protected by the law, they should be released or taken to courts of laws to be told what their charges are instead of keeping them behind bars and in the dark for longer period. The law should not be applied selectively. Let those offenders be treated equally and not discriminated or favoured.

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