A crime is a crime, and must be punished according to the laws if one is found guilty. Cases of domestic violence are in the increase and are equally considered under criminal nature unless proven otherwise.  A sad report from Rumbek that a impregnated girl was beaten to death by her brothers is indeed a sad one. What is her crime, being pregnant? This kind of jungle laws must be brought to an end. There could have been better ways of handling the matter if the brothers felt so aggrieved to the extent of committing such crime against their own sister. Cases being handled in kangaroo courts or behind the recognized institutions and have led to many people, especially women and children in bracket of venerability to meet the wrath of the society they live in, sometimes from their own kith and kin. In a civilized society, order and discipline carries the day in any situation that is why no one is allowed or should take laws into owns’ hand. Cases of domestic violence must come to an end because those being battered or killed are human beings and they deserve to live like others. There is need to harmonize some of the traditional beliefs that normally lead to such action. There is also need to create conducive atmosphere for common inter-relationship in the villages and society in which we lives in. The citizens need peaceful co-existence without any form of violence. That’s what they should be given and this is the path that must be laid down for them to walk towards the development of the country. Any form of crime within or outside the society which is intended to derail the peaceful coexistence must be resisted at all costs because it is a set back to socio-economic nature much needed for the development

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