Another world of thought is happy

By Agar Mayor Gai
From all that we have gone through for nearly eight years, someone will never think of and be happy to see that the remedy to the local people’s suffering is not almost or entirely effective. The people from all parts of this nation have a keep-going thought that one day, we will see peace, unity and prosperity. This thought was half-fulfilled in the year 2018 when the two principal leaders sat and talked about their differences.
The local people were happy that all the armed groups will be integrated, taught their duties and thus, the country would progress, promote unity and create a world class political and economic atmosphere. Was this not a good agreement though? From its contents, anyone can with no doubt admit that the agreement was aimed at uplifting the fallen nation. It was purposed as the antidote of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and political upheavals.
Now what has gone wrong? Someone, a principal and proposer of other provisions in the agreement, is boldly, without any step-back, denying the formation of this good government. Does he hate our success? Has he been happy deep inside his heart for the sufferings we have seen and felt for years? Surely not, though may be. Not a single person in this world would ever love to see his or her country mates suffering by his making. However, more often, personal desires may create that feeling in a person or party.
If two groups or a party values not the rights and welfare of the local people, the sufferings as for this nation, take a firm position. Now, the government is not going to be formed and if it is formed, one group will not be part. Will the soon to be formed government do what it is mandated in the agreement? Uncertainly, it may or may not do that. The fact that one principal party will not be part is an indication that we, the local people will have the contribution of that party missing in our nation.
Who will work on the provisions they proposed? The SPLM in government will only do what it is mandated to. Their mistakes, wrong beliefs and weaknesses will have no one tell and correct. These people will do as they have been doing and not a single change will happen. Now which world of thought is happy? Be the judge yourself.
My take or appeal is that the government be formed in the appointed time. And if formed, the President should be the direct supervisor such that what has been happening is put to a bold full-stop. The government, if it happens that the armed opposition does not take part, should implement all what was signed. It is not a must that they have to come and take part in the implementation; however, it becomes a necessity if their idea is not implemented for the good of the local people. It will mean that they are only people who can do up to the will and needs of the local citizens which may not be necessarily right.

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