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Another deadly killer road claims lives


By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Yet another deadly killer road on the verge of claiming lives before completion has taken two lives over the weekend.

A driver was traveling with his family, the wife and the child from Juba to Toritwhen they met tragedy in a car head collision leading to the instant death of his wife and the child and left him with minor injuries.

According to the source who informed Juba Monitor yesterday,the road is allegedly dusty to the extent that the driver sometimes fails to see the car in front.

“The road is full of dust and sometimes when driving it forces you to either stop or allow the car in front of you to reach far or you dodge to your left and then you get into an accident, why dodge because dust stops you from saying anything in front of you,” Ibrahim Sebit said.

On his part, Emmanuel Jada, who is a resident referendum, also termed Buoba – referendum roads to be another deadly road causing flu and another kind of allergy.

Jada also urged the company constructing the Cuba-Referendum road to complete the construction.

“Passing by Buoba known as Gudele 1 has become a nightmare, flu is the order of the day after passing through this road, leave alone if you are wearing a white t-shirt, we really urge this company that is constructing to complete the construction,” he said.

When contacted the spokesperson of the police, Daniel Justin, he said he is not aware of the accident.

He also added that one side of the road is tarmacked while the other side is not and this has ended up causing more dust then when it was not.

“It was a joy when the construction started but it didn’t take a month and it stopped, and now we are left with dust that sometimes we are forced to use a different road that is far to reach our destination without dust on our clothes, allergy or flu,” he said.

However, the Juba Nimule road, Juba Torit road, and Juba Bor road of recenthavebeen deadly to the human lives according to some sources who refused to be named.

At least 15 people have been injured in a motor accident along the Juba-Nimule highway.

Meanwhile Juba Torit road is under construction of Winners Company limited as the national contractor, while Juba Bor is under constructionby the Africa Resource Cooperation Company, an indigenous construction company in South Sudan.


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