Ann Nimiriano family celebrates Awards

Ann Nimiriano Editor-In-Chief of Juba Monitor and group of women during her Award celebration on Sunday (Photo: Wek Atak)

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Hundreds of South Sudanese and foreign dignitaries on Saturday joined the family of Ann Nimiriano Editor-in-Chief of Juba Monitor to celebrate her recently won award.

Present at the event included Ambassador of China to South Sudan, representatives from the Indian embassy and The United Kingdom.

In June, Ann Nimiriano was named among the greatest female journalists in the world who advocates and fights against harassment and torture of fellow journalists.

Addressing the audience, a family representative Delfino Abbas thanked God for making them proud through Ann Nimiriano.

“Ann has proved to the world that she is a professional journalist because she was picks like a grant of goal field. Who expected such thing could happen to be in Republic of South Sudan it is very brave to make it like this,” Abbas said.

“We inform the world that a Mad’i girl has actually convinced the world that she has been a professional journalist,” he said.

Perfisain Paska, elder sister of Anna thanked her for obtaining the title, “We thank her for the good work she did to us in particularly we the Mad’i community.”

“It has been a long journey since we were in Khartoum where she suffered a lot,” Paska said.

The Chairperson of Editors forum, Victor Keri said journalists are very simple people like children who are often sent by their parents

He said it requires recommendations of others for one to win an international award.

“Anna did not know that she was going to get a prize. She never apply for it but any move she takes was being watched by the world,” Keri said.

He said through Anna’s good work gave her good recommendations to be recognized by the world.


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