Animal theft causes anxieties in refugees camp

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

The camp chief of Nyumanzi Refugee camp, James Vuga has given a stringent warning to the refugees and host community against rampant animal theft that has caused alot of anxieties among the communities.

He issued the warning to the locals during an urgent block meeting at palemo parish center which was held yesterday at Nyumanzi settlement.

“Animal theft is becoming a threat among you people, you will face law if you are caught,” he warned.

Last week, over 15 goats were stolen by unknown people in Block C within the settlement.

The main objective of the meeting was to address rampant animal theft and stray animals in the camp and some key challenges facing the refugees.

Mr. Vuga during an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor said the animals were stolen by the refugees and the host community within the settlement.

“Where do you think thieves are coming from?’’ he angrily asked.

He appealed to the refugees to tie their goats because people have started planting crops like maize and other crops. 

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