Animal Farm in Democratic Change Party !!

By Riak Maker  Mading                                                                                             

Everyone knows or think they know –all about George Orwell’s allegory called theAnimal Farm. Well, for those who do not know, I will give you an idea so that you can situate Democratic Change Party into animal farm and understand why the members of DCP from Shilluk  demonstrates the pigs on the animal farm called DCP! I was impressed when I read Juba Monitor Newspaper published on Friday dated Jan 13, 2017 vol.7 issue No.960 page one (1) which read: “Onyoti dismissed Deng Bior, group”. The statement further says “violating the party constitution”. The dismissed members of DCP are; Deng Bior Deng, Lydia Nhial Dok, William Akec Aleu, Kerbino Pow and Andrew Okony Ayom. When you look at the ousted members most of them are from one Ethnicity. It is Onyoti and his group that are violating the constitution of the party. This is a clear indication that DCP is a party manipulated by Shilluk members. My dear reader this is a party which want to be in power one day. The current drama (Animal Farm) in Democratic Change Party reflects events leading up to the Russian revolution in 1917 and then on into the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. In the country called animals farm the animals led by the pigs who thought themselves to be the wisest among the animals, inspired revolution by telling the other animals that the leaders (humans) are corrupt, parasites, greedy, have no integrity, not accountable and so. The animals agreed to revolt and drive away the leaders of human being of the farm-even killing many of the overthrown leaders for corruption and so on. After the revolt, the animals created what they called seven commandments, of animalism.

Among the commandments, the animals agreed to banish corruption that all the animals are equal before the law, that there must be one toilet for each household, and that nobody can take bribe or drink wine or live in comfort or engage in corruption. They also agreed that no animal shall be like the old masters who were overthrown by the revolution.

Ironically, before the other animals will realize, the pigs had set themselves up as rulers and began to illegally change the law to favour them. Indeed, the pigs began to live above the law.

For example, the pigs began to eat apples, drink wine and milk with the excuse that they needed to be healthy enough to think for the rest of the animals. The pigs also changed the constitution by night to allow them break the law and live differently and in luxury whiles preaching frugality, integrity and accountability to the rest of animals.

In no time, pigs began to live, eat, drink, talk and even behave like the old human dictators who were overthrown by the animals. While breaking all the rules and refusing to practice what they preached, the pigs still had other pigs that hailed them the best of leaders.

The sheep also kept bleating and singing praises of the corrupt revolutionists. The praise singer on the animal farm is called squealer. The squealers see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about the bad behavior of the corrupt pigs.

The animals on the farm are used as an allegory to expose the hypocrisy, double standards and failing of humans who lead deceptively not by deed but by word of mouth. The pigs used the rest of the animals to achieve their own selfish gains but managed in a cunning manner to keep the rest tongue-fooled into believing that they had integrity, they were accountable and were not corrupt. Indeed, the pigs were corrupt, not accountable, had no integrity, and cared less for other animals except themselves and the dogs that protect them.

In no time, all the animals on the farm including the sheep who could not reason came to realize that the pigs were fake animals. If DCP were that animal farm, some members within DCP who hailed from Shilluk will be that pig’s leadership who practice and live by exactly what they preach against. As they watched the pigs from outside, “the creatures outside look from pig to man, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which is which”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the member of DCP or any political party in this country. I don’t understand whether DCP is political or tribal party. They are some members within DCP who thought they are the wisest people to run the party. You tell me the difference between the former DCP chairperson Dr.Lam Akol and Onyoti Adigo Nyikwac?

It is really relevant that “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” in this animal farm called Democratic Change Party. The Shilluk community is more equal than other communities within DCP. What Onyoti Adigo can do since April 2010 general election for South Sudanese today that he could not do when he became a chairperson of DCP or minister is now lobbying for? You tell me!                                                   


The Writer is a youth activist and can be reached at: riakmading@gmail.com

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