Anglican Pastors urged to advance their education

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The Director of the Ghana-based Longham preaching Africa has urged church leaders and youth leaders to seek education in order to advance their knowledge in preaching the good news.

He made the remark while addressing pastors during the opening session of a five-day-training for Anglican Church leaders in Juba.

The visiting pastor from Ghana is currently in Juba to facilitate training for pastors on how to interpret the Biblical texts. The training is taking place at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) Mobil.

Rev. Femi Adeleye said the pastors need to strengthen the church leaders on how to preach the word of God correctly. “This programme was introduced in over thirty-five countries in Africa. The teaching is on how the Bible can be used properly because there are other preachers who tell their own stories, which are not related to the Bible,” Rev. Adeleye said.

According to Adeleye, they are in second phase of the training and after the training; the group will pass the knowledge onto others in their respective places.

The Club Convener Langham Preaching Seminar Pastor Khemis Sebit said this training came into existence as a result of the initiative dating back in 2013 targeting pastors and Lay people in the various churches and different Christian denominations in South Sudan.

He said the training was introduced in order to avoid misinterpretation of the Bible by preachers from different churches, adding that the preachers should take the training seriously because it will help the young generation and the believers in South Sudan.

One of the participants, Pastor Richard Okello Taban, said the training was very important because it was giving them basic knowledge in how to preach the Bible by not using their own words. “We pastors should look at the content and contexts and how to summarise it,” he said.

Pastor Okello urged the faithful to pray for the pastors and encourage them so that they can get skills and knowledge on how to use the Bible and how to choose the right topics for preaching during prayers or church service.


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