Anger is the enemy of soul

Odongo Odoyo

   Topical commentary

With Dongo Odoyo

Because anger kills the essences of individuals, it should be spoken times without number so that people become aware of it. If anger were not a serious killer, then why did God bother to talk about it in the Bible? The Bible says, ‘when you become angry, do not let the sun set when you are still angry’, and the science supplements this statement that, anger is an agent of ageing. If this narration confuses you, then don’t worry and do not lose your appetite for reading this beautiful commentary, you will get relieved along. Survival has become an overriding cause of angriness in that the citizens of South Sudan often hate themselves to death. When anger collaborates with hunger, the oneness of the people disappears and fighting becomes the order of the day. It was last week a bridge was reopened, and instead of becoming happy that movement is eased once again for both pedestrians and passengers, two pedestrians fought in the middle of the bridge. Imagine fighting in the scene that terrifies people at peace, how about people at war? The pedestrians’ path is too narrow that it can’t allow people maximize their strengths in fighting, and that, the wisest decision is to swallow your anger however much you are wronged so as to get to a safer place because you can’t fight a fight that is won by cunning, and not strength. To the city dwellers, do not let anger drive you to the graveyard before your days are over. Although life seems useless at present, there is no permanent condition on earth, everything comes and goes. Be courageous enough to live a legendary life later on because you must reach quality life if and only if you have passed through the poor life. On the same note, fishermen fought over territories of fishing to a greater extent that one of them died. How shocking is it that people fight to death over water bodies that have clear demarcations? As people settle along water bodies, it is as clear as crystal that where your territory ends is automatically where your fishing ends so as to avoid clashing caused by encroachment in other people’s fishing scene. Sharing of the same fishing scenes can only happen with permission as nearly all South Sudanese are married to hatred. For God’s sake, we are sharing one common goal, and so, we should share the little livings we have at hand. 

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