Angelina Teny is competent says Activist

By Elia Joseph Loful

A civil society activist said the recent defection of senior army officers from the opposition to the government following the appointment of Angelina Teny as defense minister sends a negative signal to the public given that the army was to be unified.

Angelina Teny was appointed into the unity government as the Minister of Defense making the first female to occupy the position.

On Tuesday, four top opposition army officers including Dr. Machar’s former deputy Chief of staff Lt. Gen. James Koang Chuol Ranley, Maj. Gen. James Wang Chang and Maj. Gen. Joseph Yata defected following appointment of Angelina Teny as the new Minister of Defense.

They alleged that they were not consulted accusing Machar of “running the movement as his family business.”

They said in their resignation that they have been left out in the decision making despite the fact that they have made giant contributions in the struggle.

Kolok dismissed the claims by the general that Angelina was incompetent saying her appointment was based on merit not as a wife to the first Vice President Dr. Machar   

“I don’t think the fact that Angelina Teny is a wife to Dr. Machar seals her fate in contributing to this country. What I know, we as civil society have interacted with Angelina and I know her competencies, this is a woman who is able to provide leadership, not only as a woman but as a leader,” he said.

 “As civil society, we are a bit concern of the nature of defections that we have seen despite the fact that the government is formed. I think we want to believe that this time is not for defection. To us it doesn’t really make sense, because the agreement has designed that by now we must be one government,” he stressed.

David said the defection by Generals could send negative message to the public urging Dr. Machar and the complainants to resolve the grievances peacefully.

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