Anataban Arts Initiative launches blanket for peace campaign

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Antaban Art Initiative together with Skills Aid Organization has launched blanket for Peace campaign aimed at bringingthe whole nation together not only share sympathy with the victims of the floods but to as well exhibit their solidarity through actively providing the little they can to support the floods affected victims.

Speaking to the Press yesterday, the Executive Director for Skills Aid Organization, Rebecca Nyamal Nyang said the have joined efforts to collectively launch an all-out Campaign called “Junubi Le Junubi Action” simple Arabic for “South Sudanese to a South Sudanese.”

“We are also glad to announce that we sought the partnership of the South Sudan Council of Churches and other South Sudan Civil Society forum to join us in this worthy cause. This initiative that is being facilitated by these two youth led organizations focuses on engaging all stakeholders, the government, international and national humanitarian organizations, cooperates as we as the citizens to actively participate in helping the victims of the floods. We believe the hood is a South Sudanese problem and needs a South Sudanese Solution,” Nyamal said.

She added that Junubi Le lunubi Action aims at consolidating necessary action and help from all stakeholders to reach out to the floods affected areas and salvage the situation that continues to worsen.

“This action plan will be conducted through three different approaches that were designed to be convenient, transparent and time saving. Provision of drop-off points for in kind as well as cash deposits; in partnership with the South Sudanese Council of Churches we will be having the affiliate churches of the council as drop off points. We are also in the process of unveiling our mobile money and bank deposit options and fundraiser concerts and fairs. We will be having a fundraising concert on the 27th November 2020 at the Nyakuron Cultural Center aimed at both raising donation as well as sensitizing the public on the status of the floods,” she added.

She revealed that Anataban did an assessment in Bor collecting stories of the affected victims that will be shared via art and photography, aimed at sensitizing the public on the day to day issues the victims go through. It is in this regard that we are calling on the citizens of South Sudan to join us in standing in solidarity with the victims of the floods.

Anataban Coordinator, Duot Deng Ajang said this program target is to bring together all stakeholders and national Actors in the country to focus and to find the memories.

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