An organization trainsSouth Sudanese on stress therapy

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Defend Defenders conducted a five-day workshop on how to deal with stress as a result of trauma inflicted by conflict in the country.

Fifteen South Sudanese activists continued training on how to deal with various stress levels by Defend Defenders.South Sudanese human rights activists would be learning many different types of stress as well as music activities. The activity should include training women to be able to use their skills to do artworks such as making clothes using hands to help in reducing stress in the society.

The participants were mainly from South Sudan whereby about fifteen of them were trained on how to deal with trauma and all types of stress such as negative stress and positive stress and the challenges the country went through since 2013 before signing of revitalized peace agreement which was implemented and gave hope for peace to return.

John Ador Akoy,one of participants and storyteller used his talent to tell stories as form of reliving stress to reduce what was described as chronic stress affecting South Sudanese communities caused by political conflict in the country. John Ador Akoy argued that, South Sudanese should rejuvenate culture of reading books. To avoid the scenarios of a man who got married and was given a gifts of most expensive items by friends, while one of his best friends gave him gift in form of book with one thousand dollars inside the book. Surprisingly, the man did not discover what was in the book until his friend told him to open the book and got the money kept in the book. The morale of story clearing speak volume when it came to love of reading books in South Sudan and Africa as a whole.

Speaking on behalf of participants Mr. Peter Mathiang described, Defend Defenders, five-day workshop as an “Interesting learning event”, whereby hope and healing would be restored amongst South Sudanese people, who had gone through bad experiences which led them to get traumatized, especially during the civil war of South Sudan.

Peter thanked the organizers and urged them to continue training South Sudanese Human Rights defenders to keep advocating for peace and respect for rule of law by cultivating good culture of love, peace and unity for the people in the country.

The five (5) days’ workshop was attended by fifteen South Sudanese human rights activists based in Uganda.The workshop training was on storytelling, trauma healing, art, and music used to heal challenges of distress and eustress among people of South Sudan. The workshop was organized by Human Rights Defend Defenders East and Horn of Africa based in Uganda held at Sliver Springs Hotel started on 11 October 2021 and it would end on Friday 15 October 2021.

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