An open letter to Director of National Security Service

Dear sir; with reference to the issue of typing and posting hate speeches on social media, the users of such tools especially those within this country, I have never seen offenders arrested and prosecuted.

The National Security Service is mandated to ensure such that hate speeches are not seen at all. Hate speeches are mostly seen on social media like Facebook and twitter etc. I am appealing to social media users to stop sharing hate speeches instead of promoting peace messages amongst our communities.

National security service is a mandated institution in this country which has the authority to protect our life. Yei River state is stable, because of the efforts of our National Security Service. I also acknowledge your leadership for maintaining security in Juba town especially during the night hours.

Your leadership also has the authority to ban or block any prohibited or unlawful hate speeches on social media; National Security Service must therefore rise to the task. When hate speeches which are classified as unfit for public distribution go on social media, our national security apparatus can easily investigate the sources of such information, effect arrests where necessary and ensure those people are punished for the stories they post and circulate on social media.

I can give you a typical examples of Hate Speeches  posted on  Facebook by James Gatdet Dak the former Machar’s spokesperson on July 9, 2016,”Breaking News! Fighting erupted inside J1 president’s Salva Kiir’s palace in the national capital, Juba.The President and his commanders attempted to arrest the first vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. This came after the President called for a meeting of the presidency in his office with Dr. Machar and Vice President, James Wani Igga. This turned out to be a setup to arrest and possibly harm Dr. Machar. Fortunately,Dr. Machar’s bodyguard managed to fight vigorously and rescued Dr. Machar. He is now safe! Meanwhile, fighting has continued”. It is a great lie! No single Machar’s bodyguard managed to escape J1 that day.

Gordon Buoy South Sudan Deputy Ambassador to USA on December 13, 2014 posted the following on his official Facebook page. You read what he posted, “This is not 1990s factional fighting. If Riek Machar wants war we will give him the real war that will involve aerial operation such as MIG jets, gunship including tanks. Riek and his rebel terrorists will see a fight in the dry season that they have never seen before. It is better if they accept peace and surrender to us. “This was posted by South Sudanese senior diplomat despite the fact that peace efforts were underway in Ethiopia.
I have no doubt that the South Sudan national security apparatus is at work and they give daily briefings to the President of the Republic.

But I do wonder if South Sudan National security Service has been briefing President Salva Kiir about deep anger among across section of South Sudanese that may be waiting to explode, posing serious threat to the peace, security and stability of the country.

Your Excellency this country has experienced many offensive hate speeches on social media and no one has been arrested for sharing those dangerous speeches. We see on a daily basis photos of dead bodies, accidents victims, people whose lives were in danger, stripped pictures. How can we sit down unconcerned when all these cyber-crimes are been perpetrated each an everyday? How are we training our young ones and what kind of information are we feeding these children who are supposed to be our future leaders. The public needs well edited contents on social media. Our National security Service must arise to the task of giving the best and trusted information on our social media. There are some states governors and national ministers who participated in this destructive forum that I don’t want to mention their names for reservation. If they continue posting evil words, I will publish their names.

Some websites need to be blocked, some must be banned, and somebody must investigate some hate speech posts on social media. National Security Service under your leadership which is fully equipped and resourced to ensure that the best content circulated on social media is healthy information. Those who post unlawful hate speeches can easily be traced and arrest. Thanks you for taking your time to read this letter.

Best Regards

Riak Maker Mading  

The writer can be reachable via : riakmading@gmail.com or contact: +211927020700

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