An MP calls for road links to boost trade in the region

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

An MP representing South Sudan in the East African Legislative Assembly, Mukulia Kennedy Aya son yesterday called for the opening of road links to ease trade in the region, saying that there were so many benefits to the East African Community (EAC) road network that would be linking the Statesand would be benefiting and would make the economy to boom across the country and its borders.

Speaking during the press conference, Kennedy Ayas said that they will be meeting with the Minister of Interior, Women groups, and business people, among others to know the problem they are facing as far as integration of the agenda into the EAC is concerned.

“And also to know what are these things that they are feeling as not being to the favor of the country and we want to take the voice of the people of South Sudan to now air out, on how the community could be able to come in and fall in the gap as far as the common market protocol is concerned,”

“South Sudan is in a strategic location between Uganda, Kenya, and DR Congo, and these three areas would benefit South Sudan and that is why we should push for road maintenance to ease the trade,” he explained.

He also added that this will result in a consolidated report, a report that will be taken to the Council of Ministers.

“Well, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry concerned with EAC affairs, we are now 7 members with the joining of DRC but they have not yet finished some steps, so we the 6 members{ministers}will table the report to the head of State and especially to see how fast South Sudan road map of integration to EAC is concerned,”

However, he further said that “We are here to SensitizeSouth Sudan Citizens on the common Market protocols and also to give some fundamental principles on how South Sudan gets to implement the common market protocols,”

“These fundamental principles include the free movement across the region and to have freedom of movement of goods and services, free movement of capital, right of residents and right to live anywhere within East Africa, this entails that the movement of every citizen should be non-discriminatory, that is by giving the right that you give to your own citizens to citizens of other countries” he explained.

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