Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was prepared to take a journey to the big house of the land to witness the swearing in of the new look cabinet. I was debating with my colleagues who had been assigned the task of the day. In fact my intended mission was not to witness but my thought was racing up and down that I might be able to attract an appointing eye to be included or considered into something small that someone might also come to witness when that time comes. I had hoped against hopes. There was no way l would be noticed with those new names taking the oath of office. May be l would use another method. If you are a go getter then probably you can understand what I am talking about. Using another method is allowed in the human survival book of code of conduct. It has helped even though who expected less in life to propel to fame. I did not want to expose my interest but l wanted to leave a legacy for someone to adapt and follow of being one with the ear to the ground or sleep like the hare with one eye open. In simple terms one must remain alert all the time to get what one wants in life. My day dream thoughts were interrupted by reports that the dreaded coronavirus was causing havoc in different communities and parts of the world.  Here we were not spared as everything one touches looks suspicious. Some offices had introduced creams like hand sanitizer, masks and other preventive measures. I wanted to appeal to those with capacities to come out and help those without by donating these simple but important items to help in the prevention of coronavirus otherwise known as COVID’19 which broke out first somewhere in the Chinese land and which had now threaten the entire world and mankind.  The panic it is sending down spine of the public is worrying. It is like a hiding enemy who can attack at any minute or time unknown to the would be defender. It is really risky and fearful when one does not know the point or direction his attackers would come from. This is why in every situation there must be appropriate defense put in place for such unpredicted attack. This is why the able institutions must come out now to be in the lead of helping provide the necessary items like the hand oil and masks in offices and other public places. It is coming to being that even ambassador John Andruga Duku who is the head of mission in China has been placed under 14 days quarantine on arrival in Juba. Therefore this thing called CAVID’19 is taking toll on people and preventing even husband and wife from greeting one another. This is how bad it is l had forgotten my would be luck of getting some position, and embarked on joining the fight against this global declared disaster.  

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