An insight with Cosmas aspiring to be President of South Sudan National Youth Union

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Q: Welcome to Juba Monitor, kindly tell us about yourself?

A: Thank you Juba Monitor and Mandela for this great moment. I am Cosmas Juma Tranquillo, candidate from Jubek State aspiring to stand for Presidency of South Sudan National Youth Union, generally about myself; I am a graduate with Masters in Law from Cavendish University, Uganda.

Q: What inspired you to join the race for the Presidency of the Youth Union?

A: In the first place South Sudan is a nation that belongs to everybody, it is a nation where millions have died, where millions are born and when you talk of South Sudan where millions have died then I am referring to the Sacrifice that our people have made to bring this great Nation to where it is now and we who are alive today, it is our role to ensure that we maintain the peace that we have now for the coming generation.

The reason why I joined the race is because of the desire that I have to make sure that South Sudan is sustained and manageable to meet the demands of the future generations.

Q: What makes you different from the Presidents that have come and gone, made a lot of promises, fulfilled others and left others unfulfilled?

A: There are so many things based on my aspiration, what is so important is the country living in peace, the issues of peace and most of the people fighting are the youths and I want to unite the youth in the country so that they think of economic activities and draw away their mindset on wars and things that will not develop the country. I have the ability to unite the youth and make them work together for the prosperity of the country.

Q: What makes you believe that you are the uniting factor for the youth in the country?

A: My visions and missions in my manifesto make me believe that I am the uniting factor for the youth at this moment, my vision is to unite and transform the youth of South Sudan to become morally, socially, economically, politically and culturally innovative, creative and focused, and to empower Young leaders who have integrity to create new fundamental and sustainable model for peace, unity, Democracy, Good Governance and Development in the country, this makes me confident and strong that I will lead the youth to the promised land.

Q: Our government will always say that there is no fund to facilitate youth empowerment or support youth ideas, once elected how will you ensure that the dreams of the youth come to a reality?

A: Frist of all the Union office is a nongovernmental organization, it is a body where people should work together with other agencies or partners who can fund youth projects, I believe in working together with the youth both in the national and grassroots levels and share project ideas, keep our youth busy doing something and trust me, there are funders ready to support the youth, once we are organized.

Q: What key project or focus are you planning for the youth to get engaged in?

A: Agriculture is the back bone of our country and I want to engage the youth in more Agricultural activities, so that they plant enough food for the country, we need to stop spending a lot of money buying food yet we can grow our own and I am ready to work with the youth to make sure that they are engaged in commercial Agriculture.

Q: We have a problem of some youth in the country being divided across tribal lines and it is greatly affecting their progress, how are you going fight this?

A: My approach is to use our culture for unity and peace, I am looking at events that will bring our youth together to show their cultural heritage and this reminds them of the importance that we all South Sudanese and not tribes, our tribe is South Sudanese and through the cultural events we can achieve unity, youth from different parts of the country will have inter cultural visit to other states and this will preach the gospel of unity, peace and love.

I also look forward to engaging youth in seminars and workshops and the main aim of each workshop being organized is to preach to the youth peace, love and forgiveness.

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