“An idle mind is a devil workshop.” The Black And Gold South Sudan model

The boss of South Sudan model fashion, Chris Anjo Martin (Facebook page photo)

By Kitab A Unango

African countries have gone far in designing African fashions with most of the fashions depicting their countries’ ways of dressing.

Why not South Sudan’s fashions that will portray the diverse beauty of South Sudanese to the rest of the people on the continent and to the world?

The South Sudanese fashion, that has no borders, will eliminate idleness and encourage creativity among the young men and women in the country, according to Chris Anjo Martin.

For this reason, a young South Sudanese has emerged with a Black and Gold Fashion Show to unite young men and women across the country to bring lasting peace to South Sudan and Africa as a whole.

The 23-years old South Sudanese model opted for fashion designing to unite the fragmented young South Sudanese across the country by shifting their minds and attentions away from corrupt activities and tune their minds and attentions to creative African fashion designing.

“We have artists in South Sudan but fashion industry is under exploited which is not fair. So South Sudanese fashion industry will bring peace to South Sudan,” the young South Sudanese model stated.

Chris Anjo Martin developed a purely African South Sudanese fashion because many young people in the country are idle and he wanted to fully engage them because “idle mind is a devil’s workshop”.

“The young generation must have goals in their life and they must be creative to achieve those goals without causing havoc to the community,” Chris stated.

Chris will have model fashion that will be attractive to both male and female that to bring youth from across the country regardless of their political and ethnic affiliation.

Chris said he wanted to establish fashion industry in the country to correct the misconception that fashion is for gay people.

“Our country is torn apart by conflict every community is fragmented so I want to unite our people especially young, man and ladies and to correct the ideology that fashion is for gay people which is not right. I want to establish the fashion industry to bring our people together to live in peace and harmony among themselves,” explained.

African South Sudanese model fashion (photo by Jansuk Robert)

Chris, a student of Petroleum, Mining and Geoscience at Nkumba University in Uganda, pointed out that he wanted to inspire young South Sudanese to supplement their careers with an extra career in fashion designing.

“Youth should not stick to one career. They should have more careers so that they can fit anywhere instead of relying on one career which sometimes is disappointing,” he added.

Chris who has received three awards as an athlete and popularity and South Sudan talented youth award is sure that African South Sudan fashion will excel.

The Black and Gold Fashion Show will be launched soon.


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