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An alleged assailant stabs own sister to death

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei and James Atem Kuir

A Bor town alleged assailant has stabbed his sister who was a senior four candidate to death and gravely injured his mother and two brothers who are now hospitalized in Bor State Hospital.

The middle-aged man identified as Matong, is said to have first attacked his teenage brother, Duot Mawut with a combat knife, badly injuring him on his head at about 9 o’clock in the Bor town’s suburb of Lek-Yak, according to Dut Joh, a neighbour who lives next door.

His mother whose name has not been given, and sister Amuor Mawut, a senior four student at Daystar High School, rushed to check on his wailing brother, only for Matong to turn on the weapon to his family members.

“Amour Mawut, estimated to be 20, was pronounced dead at Bor State Hospital Friday Morning, where she had been taken for treatment Thursday night, after an autopsy,” said Dr. Bol Chau, Medical Director for the hospital.

“This girl [Amuor Mawut] passed away even before reaching the hospital. He stabbed her four times near the side where the heart is. They were four rough and deep wounds. She was not alive at the time she was brought to the hospital last night.”

He said that their mother’s condition was stable  and the other brother called Duot Mawut had a minor injury on his forehead.

“The second brother who is said to be the youngest of the four victims also has minor injuries on his hand,” the Bor State Hospital Medical Director further stated. “He had his hand cut by an iron sheet as he fled the incident.”

The Jonglei State Police Spokesperson Majak Daniel Tuor confirmed that the said perpetrator was being detained in the police custody in connection with the incident.

The police spokesperson described the assailant as a teenager and member of a known criminal gang in Bor town.

“He is a teenager assumed to be part of a criminal gang operating here. He was moving with his gangs but was one who entered the residential house. When the person inside the house made alarm, he was able to cause that harm to four people including the sister who died as a result,” the police officer explained in an interview yesterday.

“So he is responsible for the death of the young girl who is his sister and the injury three other persons including his mother. He is under the custody of the police awaiting investigations,” he said, adding that other particulars of the perpetrator including antisocial behaviours and his alleged history with drugs were yet to be determined.

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