An alleged assailant arrested over murder

By Mabor Riak

Police in Lakes State confirmed that a suspect alleged to have stabbed a person to death with a knife over the issue of a girl was arrested on Sunday.

The incident occurred in Cuei-Cok  of Mayom Payam, Rumbek Central county on Saturday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the acting Minister for Information and Communication in Lakes State William Koji Kirjok said that the police in the area had arrested the prime suspect whom they claimed stabbed the person to death.

“Police intervened and the suspect has been apprehended.The law will deal with the suspect accordingly.Only one suspect has been apprehended but police is following the rest who were together with the suspect,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Executive Director of Rumbek Central County William Machar Chol said that they had identified both the alleged assailant and the deceased.

“The situation is normal and it is under the control of police,” Chol said.

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