Save the Children sounded the alarm that 30 million USD is required urgently for humanitarian assistance in the country as floods, conflicts and persistent economic challenges continued. The preparedness for any expected danger to human being is of paramount to the government and should not be taken lightly. All avenues of dangers must be sealed for effective management of man-made or natural situation which could affect the lives of people, particularly, the venerable, women and children. Humanitarian players are aware of the need for helping those who might be faced with any possible danger. What should be of national importance is the fact that the assistance from both local and international players should be properly accounted for. Transparency should be at play all the time and the effect of the assistance felt down on the ground. Many times a number of humanitarian players have donated large amount of items money included either directly or through the government. In all case the government should be able to monitor and ensure the donations were properly used for the intended purposes. Not otherwise as has been in some cases where proper accounting are not done and if so, done shoddily for individual’s own interests and purposes. There have been pronouncements from different sources promising or availing funds for humanitarian assistance which runs into billions and which if used properly could alleviate the suffering of the victims and put in order their future existence with well-planned scope on the ground to avoid any eventuality. It is possible to plan against the reoccurrence of such calamities with good management of donor funds that have been given or promised. The public should help the government in monitoring what is meant for them by ensuring those charged with the responsibilitieswere carrying out proper and effective management of the public’s desired wish.

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