AMWISS calls for women’s empowerment in communication field

By Moses Gum Degur

The Association for Media Women in South Sudan (AMWISS) has said there was need for active participation and empowerment of women in the communication field in the country.

Veronica Lucy Gordon, AMWISS Executive Director, who was speaking during a one day forum in Juba yesterday, said the meeting was aimed at empowering women in communication and to boost their participation in decision making process.

The forum was organised by AMWISS in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), and attended by journalists from various media houses, Civil Society Organizations and Women Legislatures.

Gordon said it was important to increase the participation of female journalists in the communication sector and encourage them to work hard to deliver effective services to the people.

She also said that there was need to narrow the gap of gender inequality in the media sector, improve and encourage women to fully participate in reporting like their male counterparts.  “Women are half of every community and the tasks of peace building are so great; women and men must be partners and work together in the process of peace-building,” Goedon said.

“They are the central caretakers of families in many cultures, everyone suffers when women are oppressed, victimized, and excluded from any national activities. Their centrality to communal life makes their inclusion in the national and peace-building process,” she added.

AMWISS leader also said most women were excluded from public decision-making, leadership, and educational opportunities in many communities around the world, and the veracity that prompted her to suggest the creation of special programmes to empower women to use their skills in peace-building process alongside their male counterparts.

She described women as “successful peace-builders”, adding that their strategies were based on the principles of “inclusivity and collaboration.”  She urged media houses to work with female journalists and train them to have the same skills like their male counterparts for the development of the nation.

Gordon acknowledged the support of their partners specially the Norwegian People’s Aid for increasing visibility of women and their issues in the media and in building up the capacity of female journalists in South Sudan.

She reiterated that women needed to be considered in the media sector because they were mediators, trauma healing counselors, and policymakers as they always work to “transform relationships” and address the root causes of violence in any society.

Association for Media Women in South Sudan (AMWISS) is one of the media advocacy coordination groups in South Sudan. Its membership was made up solely of female media professionals.

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