AMDISS executive made a comeback to serve again

By John Agok

Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) yesterday made another historical turn since its institution establishment in the Country by unanimously nominated all seven executive members into power, instead of exercising voting process as usual.

The AMDISS annual General Meeting of 2021 organized two day in a bid to deliberate on the new arrangements to elect new executive body that would lead the institution after term of re-elected expired.

 Mary Ajith made it back as the AMDISS Chairperson and Josephine Achirio as the Secretary General among other five executive members.

 Sapana Abui the observer from the Media Authority said in his closing remarks that, he welcomed the exercise as fair and free from malpractices of elections. He appreciated the AMDISS for a good process which actually manifested equal gender representations.

“I am delighted that you really shown gender equality through this representation as AMDISS. If you look at number of women here now, it shows gender equality is in place”, he stated.

Jacob Atem from Norwegian People’s aid (NPA) pledged more support to AMDISS for great role they are playing in building media in the country.

“We as being partners to AMDISS, we will continue to support since AMDISS/MDI are graduating professional journalists every year to serve the country”, he said.

He applauded Mary Ajith for the new role as the Chair of AMDISS.

However, the legal counsel Atel Ongee Patito who acted as the returning officer really commended AMDISS for showing confidentiality and respect to their members by nominating all instead of voting them. He said, this made the schedule election process easy and he blessed the process as peaceful and transparent according to the law. 

AMDISS Executive would continue to serve for another two year term limit by its constitution which would go under scrutiny and amendment by Annual General Assembly (AGM) prior to next elections. This in line with constitution making to shun other loopholes that perhaps maintain monopoly in the very system.

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