AMDISS demands accountability for crimes against journalists

By Martha David

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) is demanding accountability for all crimes committed against journalists.

AMDISS Chairperson Mary Ajith said since 2011 no single case has been investigated for crimes committed against journalists.

Ajith was speaking during the South Sudan Media Freedom Symposium to commemorate the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Committed against Journalists.

The event was marked on Wednesday in Juba under the theme “Building Trust in Media and Countering Disinformation.”

Last week, an army General reportedly assaulted two female journalists at the military General Headquarters in Juba.

“In the history of South Sudan nothing has been done to show respect and protection of journalists. The perpetrators walk in front of us every day we see them but no one is questioning them,” Ajith said. 

She urged journalists to arise and work together to be defenders of media freedom, saying any attack on one journalist means to all.  

Ajith said people committing crimes against Journalists must be held accountable.

“Whoever attacks a journalist in our institution or area should be investigated and held accountable for the wrong committed and should not be allowed to walk freely,” she stressed.

The Chairperson urged the United Nations and international community to pressure the government to allow freedom of expression in the country.

Speaking at the same event, the representative of UNSECO Dorrine Wudu said safety of journalists is a collective effort and cannot be done by one entity.

She said all the stakeholders need to get involved to ensure that journalists are safe.

“It is very critical for journalists to be safe in any country, the freedom of expression can only be achieved when perpetrators are held accountable,” Wudu said.

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