AMDISS conducts workshop on good governance

Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Association for Media Development Institute in South Sudan (AMDISS) hasconducteda media stakeholders’ workshop under the theme “promoting media as a tool for good governance and rule of law”.

The Aims of the workshop was to offer a platform for the prosecutors, advocates and journalists to discuss circumstances that would better the understanding of issues of freedom of expression and implementation of Media laws to attain a vibrant Media in South Sudan.

Speaking during the workshop, Moyiga Nduru, the information Commissioner said thatjournalists need more training so that they couldavoid making mistakes when reporting.

“Media needs the support of lawyers, thought they {Media} need to work within the law, and by working in the law means providing accurate information with evidence, and this needs thejournalist to be trained more and more to avoid making mistakes,” he said.

However, he added that Media needed the support from all the stakeholders.

“We are still crawlingand as such we need all the stakeholders, so they can assist the media, which means that when the media stands up then we can now walk correctly without much problem,” he added.

On his part, Sapana Abui, the Director of information, said that all the stakeholders should know the regulatory of the laws to help in implementing the laws to promote the development of the media in the country.

“As stakeholders in the media, weneed to develop media in the country, we need to know the guiding of law that will guidethe practice of Media and this would happen throughimplementing our laws, because we have quite a good number of laws, and this can help to develop and promote, the development of media in the country,

But those laws need to be understood and applied in today media and as stakeholders we need to know the right of Media, right of the information and freedom of press,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that Journalists should be cautious when disseminating news on social Media.

“Respecting the rule of laws is the first requirement to empower good governance in the country, and there should be cautions when posting ordisseminating news on Facebook or social media to the public,” he added.

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